The key focus should be looking after your current clients and, where possible, growing revenue from them. Then, as the sales cycle for B2B and professional service firms can be relatively protracted, having a steady flow of good quality new business leads is essential to growth.

We can help you develop a cost effective business development strategy and month-by-month plan for your business and includes the following:

Lead Generation

Business development leads can come from a variety of sources – business referrals from existing clients, trade shows and exhibitions, website visitors, press advertisements and press editorial. Trying new ideas and identifying which are the most cost effective means of generating high quality new business is key to growing your turnover.

Lead qualification and segmentation

Focusing your business development efforts on your hot prospects and ensuring that that all other prospects are moved along the buying process will help ensure that you have a steady pipeline of new business.

Development of an effective business proposal template

Having a well though out business proposal template document will save you time and should help you improve your new business success rate.

Overcoming potential sales objections

Thinking in advance about reasons people might give not to take advantage of your service is a useful exercise. This can be used in your proposal document and other marketing literature.

Contact strategy for all business leads

We can help you develop an effective contact strategy for all new business leads to stay in touch and move them along the sales cycle.

Measuring the effectiveness of your business development activity

We will help you measure the effectiveness of each lead generation activity and the relative effectiveness of your business development.  We are always keen to improve your ROI.

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