16 August 2010

Pam Gandee, Managing Director of The Richmond Marketing Consultancy, outlines some of the advantages of using an external agency for your marketing activities.

“When you are short of time, one of the easiest functions to leave until tomorrow is marketing your own business” says Pam Gandee., from The Richmond Marketing Consultancy. “Dealing with today’s customers’ needs should naturally be your top priority. That is where using an outsourced marketing function can really help your business grow and offers a number of real benefits for smaller organizations.”

“Firstly, obtaining an independent expert viewpoint is an important advantage of an outsourced marketing unit” continues Pam. “Your marketing consultant can research the market, develop a realistic marketing strategy and then, if required, implement the proposed marketing plan.”

“Knowing that the day-to-day running of your marketing function is in safe hands is a relief for many small businesses. Your marketing consultant can project manage your strategy, including taking over the time consuming liaison with suppliers. They will have links with a range of high quality suppliers, such as web designers, SEO providers, photographers, printers etc. Everything required to implement your marketing strategy. Many consultants enjoy becoming a member of the team, albeit on a part-time or temporary basis.”

“Keeping abreast with the latest trends in marketing can be time consuming. Knowing how to implement your marketing strategy using the most up to date tools can be daunting. Should you optimize your website? What role should online PR play? Should you write a blog? And what about Twitter and Linkedin? One further advantage of using an outsourced service from an experienced consultant is that he or she will be able to advise you on the most appropriate techniques for defining your target market, marketing objectives, resources available and budget.”

“Flexibility is a key advantage” states Pam. “You might not need a full time marketing resource. For example, your marketing requirement might be for just one day a week or for a specific project, such as managing an annual exhibition or seminar. By using an outsourced service your business will have the flexibility to decide the level of input required and at which times of the year.”

“The fifth key benefit is cost. You can obtain the expertise of a marketing director and team, without the commitment and cost of employing any full-time employees. As your business grows, you can simply increase the level of input required from your outsourced marketing consultant. Ultimately, when your business requires the full-time input of a marketing director, it might then be beneficial to build an in-house marketing function.”

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