16 November 2012

Google Analytics is a great tool to benchmark the effectiveness of your current inbound marketing activity and to highlight areas for improvement.

Here are some ideas on how you can use the information generated by Google Analytics to work for you:-

Which keywords and phrases are visitors using to find your site?

Are they brand terms (i.e. your business name or team members) or are they more general searches? Using the free Google Keyword Tool, draw up an extended list of target keywords to be included on your website and online marketing activities.

New visitors or existing visitors

What proportion of your website visitors are first time visitors? To build the size of your client base, increasing new visitors to your site is likely to be a key consideration. What pages are your new visitors arriving on and which search terms are they using?

What is your bounce rate?

The bounce rate is when visitors arrive at your site and do not visit any other pages. Relevant, engaging content will ensure that your visitors stay longer on your site, wish to find out more and ideally make a purchase or get in contact. Look at which search terms have a low bounce rate and perhaps use these key phrases in more of your marketing. Some of your website pages might have particularly high bounce rates – test some ideas to improve the effectiveness of these pages or perhaps they may be better deleted?

Annotate your time line with key marketing activities

The timeline will help illustrate which is your most effective marketing activity to generate website visitors. Drill deeper. Do visitors around the time of a trade show have a higher than average bounce rate? Do visitors following the dispatch of your e-newsletter stay longer on the site and fill in the contact form?

Set up goals

Google Analytics allows you to set up visitor goals, such as downloading a document or visiting the contact page. This is a great way to analyse the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Experiment and measure

Try new ideas. Which keywords, website pages, whitepapers, blogs and e-books are the best way of generating high quality new visitors to your website. Which are the most likely to convert into clients? Refine the best ideas and ditch the rest.

Useful Free Tools

Google Analytics

A powerful tool for analyse your inbound marketing activity.

Google Keyword Tool

Improve the effectiveness of your search optimisation.

Google Alerts

Monitor your company and competitor search terms by receiving emails when Google find new web pages, press articles etc. that correspond to your search terms.

Google Trends

Look at at the trends and see whether your targeted keywords are increasing or decreasing in volume?

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