18 November 2013

At Richmond Marketing Consultancy we work with a lot of small professional services businesses. It was really interesting to us to come across the data in the infographic below which details how small businesses perceive their SEO services.

As a digital marketer SEO is one of the areas I feel very strongly about, so much so that I have spent three years of my career specialising in it within an SEO agency to ensure that I have a full rounded knowledge of the area, and with the constant changes in the industry (thanks Google!) this isn’t always easy. I was asked at a client meeting only last week how I stay on top of all of the changes and if I get things wrong.

This is a loaded question! It takes a lot of time and effort to stay ahead of the game, reading blogs written by those in the ‘know’, attending seminars and conferences, keeping up with the latest Google announcements, and ensuring that when something changes I change the way that I work.

Unfortunately, what this means for clients is the introduction of new processes, new explanations and being told why something that was right a week ago is now the wrong thing to be doing.

It’s understandable why this survey found that 89% of small businesses don’t do any kind of SEO. It’s confusing to the small business owner. The problem is, I’ve seen so many sites where no SEO is being done and has never been done and they just don’t perform properly.

The other issue is when a small business struggles to afford the help they need and ends up with an ‘SEO specialist’ who really should be placed on a blacklist somewhere. Black hat SEO is causing problems for websites all over the world. This is a mixture of really bad SEO practices, and ‘old school’ practices which are now just so out of date that they are never going to work, and any SEO practitioner worth their salt will have stopped practicing these methods.

Again, I see so many sites where the work done has ruined their chances of success for a very long time and without a ridiculous amount of work.

It is so very important to ensure that the work you are getting done on your site really is working. If you aren’t seeing ongoing results in traffic then there is probably a problem.

Some things for you to focus on to keep your site search engine friendly:

  • Forget about the search engines.
  • Don’t obsess about keywords – since the Google Hummingbird update Google has become extremely clever at working out the meaning of a page and what keywords relate to the content on a page.
  • Write for your target audience, make it logical, easy to read, and enjoyable to the human eye.
  • Don’t duplicate content…anywhere, ever!
  • Have really good meta titles and descriptions which are relevant to the page.
  • Use Schema.org and social media markups throughout the site.
  • Have a blog with really good and relevant content, don’t use it as a promotional tool for your business!

These things will help guide you in keeping your budding website in the search engine’s good books until you get someone with great SEO know how on the case!

Now have a look at this great Infographic and all of the information, leave us a comment if you have a small business and let us know your thoughts on the data in this infographic. We’d love to hear from you.

How do Small Business Owners Perceive SEO? - An Infographic from
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