14 June 2013

Google, as always like to keep website owners on their toes and recently ran an update to last year's Penguin algorithm.

This year's update was known as Penguin 2.0 and was said to go much deeper at targeting spam than last year's update. If you have noticed your website has disappeared down Google's results since May 22nd it is likely that you have been hit by Penguin and need some serious advice and guidance regarding your SEO.

This update has targeted spam related backlinks, so a lot of back-pedalling will need to be done for sites affected. This isn’t as simple as just logging into Webmaster Tools and using the link disavow tool however, as if this tool isn’t used correctly, Google will start penalising you for this aswell. What this means is that there isn’t a quick fix to Penguin, what is required is high quality work, over time, moving forward. It will be a long, slow, process to recover, however, once you are on the road to recovery and doing things correctly, these algorithms should (Google’s mood depending) leave you alone in the future.

What is key for all websites now, big or small is to have high quality, relevant content. If you site doesn’t have this then you are going to experience problems at some point, if you aren’t experiencing them now.

Next target Advertorials

Google are also planning to run a new algorithm to target paid for advertorials. This is on the back of Interflora doing a huge advertorial campaign earlier this year, which really displeased Google to the point that they completely annihilated Interflora from any listings for a few days, this was a shocking turn of events in search marketing, just think, you were searching for a florist and Interflora didn’t appear! They are back now, but a smaller company isn’t going to have the pull Interflora does to get themselves to reappear in search results if they get blacklisted in this way.

What do you do then? Well, don’t pay for advertorials online is the easy answer here, the algorithm hasn’t been released yet, but we have been warned which means it is coming soon, and when it does companies with paid advertorials will be hit hard. The short term boost you will gain from paying for the advertorial will not be worth the long term pain you will suffer for being penalised by Google. Find more natural ways to market yourselves.

Speak to us about inbound marketing online which won’t get you penalised by Google.

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