20 April 2014

Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business? The latest Company Showcase Pages provide a useful marketing opportunity for SMEs to promote specific aspects of their product or service.

If you already have a LinkedIn Company Page, you will be familiar with the layout of their business pages. These pages allow you to provide detailed information about your business and post updates on your Company Linkedin Page.

Last year, LinkedIn introduced the Company Showcase Pages, with the facility to post updates for individual products or services. These Company Showcase Pages have proved to be so successful that, as of 14th April,  the “Products and Services” tab has been completely removed from all Company Pages. Now, if you wish to promote individual products or services you will need to create Showcase Pages.

What is a Showcase Page?

A Showcase Page is very similar your company page, except it highlights your expertise in a particular area. So, for example, an accountancy firm would have its main Company Linkedin Page, then it might have individual sector specific Showcase Pages, such as:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Power and utilities

Each Showcase Page can use a separate URL, different from that used on the main Company Page. People can choose to follow a particular service or sector. So, when your business has a news update or writes a blog on a subject relevant to a particular service or sector, you can post it on the appropriate Showcase Page and thereby keep interested people up to date with specific aspects of your business. More general information about your company continues to go on your main Company LinkedIn Page.

So how do you create a Showcase Page?

Creating a Showcase Page is very easy. Once your main company page is set up, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click “Edit” on your company page.
  • Select “Create a Showcase Page”

The page is created in much the same way as your Company Page. You will need an appropriately sized logo, a banner image and a 200 character description about your service or expertise on the target sector. Then, once you have finished, and the page is live, you can start posting regular updates.

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