30 August 2013

Companies who advertise via Google Adwords will now notice that they have an additional report available to them. This report integrates the paid search data and the organic search data enabling you to see where your keywords best perform.

Ultimately, the plan for Google here is that by being able to see this data together advertisers can see where there are keywords which could be supplemented by advertising. However, advertisers will also be able to easily see if an organic search keyword is outperforming the advertising in which case they will be able to move the advertising to different keywords. Making the advertising work much better for them.

Google’s suggestions for ways in which advertisers may be able to beneficially use the new reporting tool are as follows:

  • To look for keywords where you may be getting impressions in organic but you aren’t paying for advertising to increase those impressions.
  • Optimise your presence on high-value keywords so that you can see where you need to improve your presence
  • Use it to test website improvements and Adwords changes, as you can compare traffic across Adwords and Organic at once.

To take advantage of this new report you must have Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts verified and synced.

Also, please be aware that the Google Adwords Keyword tool has now been retired but the Google Keyword Planner is live and will do exactly the same job just in a different format.

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