15 November 2015

Our Marketing Assistant, Jack Reid, completes his whistle stop tour of using LinkedIn better by providing some useful tips on how to create and manage compelling Company LinkedIn pages.

LinkedIn is becoming an ever more important space in which to showcase your professional self as an individual, but it is also a key tool for showcasing your company. Therefore, it is somewhat surprising the number of firms that neglect the many advantages that LinkedIn Company Pages can offer. This guide will outline both why a LinkedIn presence is important, as well as providing some useful tips on creating an effective LinkedIn Company Page.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

One of the most interesting parts of LinkedIn company pages is that many firms seem to misunderstand what they are. Often, Company pages are utilised in a merely descriptive capacity, as an extension of the “About Us” sections on company websites, yet they are so much more than that. Company pages are an exciting marketing and sales tool, a gateway to your target audience, an instrument with which to speak to your followers in a way which is unobtrusive and nuanced.

Why is it a good idea to have a Company LinkedIn page?

So if a Company LinkedIn page is a key marketing and sales tool, what are its main benefits?

Firstly, LinkedIn is a proven driver to B2B websites, LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites. Even though LinkedIn is dwarfed by the sheer size of social media goliaths Facebook and Twitter it is crucially distinguished in that people on LinkedIn are actually an audience that are genuinely concerned in you and who you are. Therefore LinkedIn is a far more effective platform at steering people to your website.

Secondly, LinkedIn offers you a fantastic medium to interact with your followers, thus increasing brand awareness, allowing you to acquire new customers, recruit talent individuals, network with others in your industry, and promote events. All to an audience that are actually interested in what you have to say.

Finally, LinkedIn pages tend to perform well in search engines so one of another important benefit of LinkedIn is enhanced SEO.

Tips for creating that impeccable Company Page

  • Show off your page
    Ensure that you complete your company page. An incomplete page will not rank as highly in LinkedIn search algorithms and will also give the general impression of a lack of attention to detail.
  • Show off the visual
    Strong use of interesting and evocative images will provide visual impact factor to your page, making it more likely visitors will consume the content of the page. Use your logo as a profile image for the page and something eye-catching and in line with your branding for the banner. Also try to post updates with interesting images on your page, this will help to further the graphic appeal of the page.
  • Show off your human side
    One of the few disadvantages of many online platforms is that the human side of business can often be lost. Therefore help to re-establish this link, ensure personal LinkedIn profiles are linked to the company page and post updates, or even better videos, introducing the staff or having them discussing important issues to your followers. Showing the human side of your company is an important way to create trust with your followers.

Tips for those perfect updates

  • Keep your content varied 
    Communicating on LinkedIn needs to be treated with a certain delicate touch. Focusing solely on updates that promote your company can bore and be unappealing to your followers. Therefore a balanced approach should be adopted, with a mix of posts that promote your company and those that are of general interest to your followers.
  • Keep your content snappy 
    Short updates with a relevant title, a short lead and an interesting image are the best way of attracting interest from your followers. Remember your post appear on LinkedIn users newsfeeds and are therefore competing with a plethora of other updates for your users attention.
  • Keep your content regular 
    Little and often is a far more effective strategy when posting updates than occasional long winded walls of text, or worse nothing at all. Keep yourself on the forefront of your followers minds with interesting, easily digestible content.

Tips for increasing your eager followers

  • Be engaging 
    Engage with users. If someone comments on an update do not be afraid to respond, show you care and start a dialogue. Maybe even go a step further and ask a question to your followers or host a competition. LinkedIn is a professional space, but it is also a social network.
  • Be the boss 
    Get your team to follow the company page. Employees can also interact with content you post and help to start discussions so that others might join. Ask employees to link their profiles with the company page and to share company content on their own pages. Unlike other social networks this is a completely acceptable strategy on LinkedIn
  • Be visible 
    LinkedIn makes it easy to put links to your LinkedIn page via an easy to add button. Take advantage of this and place it anywhere and everywhere to help promote your page. For example, your company website and email footers are great places for this button.
  • Be Savvy 
    LinkedIn, like any website, has different volumes of traffic at different times of day, as well as on different week days. Therefore if you have a particularly important post that you want to give maximum exposure choose your posting time wisely. In the UK the best time is between 9pm-11pm for maximum click and shares.
  • Be charming
    Don’t be scared to remind clients of your LinkedIn page. Utilise Company newsletters, emails, and word of mouth to remind your clients to interact with your page and see what you have to offer.
  • Be original 
    Try to offer your followers something different. Post content that may not easily be available elsewhere. Use your expertise to become a trusted source of information on a subject area, or your industry niche. This will not only increase your followers, but have the added bonus that when your customers need services related to the topics in which you are an expert, you might be the first port of call.
  • Be patient
    Building a community of followers takes time. Therefore don’t be disheartened when all your hard work doesn’t appear to have an instant impact. Be patient and keep plugging away with high quality content, you will eventually bear the fruits of your labour.

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